NonProfitEasy is Integrated with

Stripe is the leading global payment processor. With support for over 135+ currencies and dozens of payment methods, Stripe makes it easy for your organization to reach out to donors around the world.

About Stripe:

  • Built in support for Apple and Google Pay.
  • Seamless card processing with zero friction.
  • Strident fraud detection and prevention features.
  • Next day daily deposits to your organizations bank accounts.
  • Reduced fees for qualifying nonprofits.

Key Benefits of Stripe:

  • Process cards directly inside the CRM or POS.
  • Tokenization allows safe storing of card reference inside the CRM allowing you to process future transactions and recurring payments with ease.
  • Process refunds directly within the system – this is huge! No more logging into your merchant account and manually adjusting the refunds in the CRM.

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