NonProfitEasy’s Donor Communication Tools for Nonprofits

NonProfitEasy has all the communication tools for nonprofits to strengthen donor relationships. By utilizing NonProfitEasy’s nonprofit platform alongside donor communications best practices, you’ll gain life partners in your nonprofit’s mission.

NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.
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NonProfitEasy’s Powerful Donor Communication Tools for Nonprofits

Send Custom Newsletters Quickly & Easily

From fundraising appeals to acknowledgments and newsletters, unified donor communication can be the difference between hitting your numbers and falling painfully short. Our software makes it easy to create and send custom newsletters from a variety of templates stored in your system.  

Customize your newsletters with NonProfitEasy’s donor communication tools.

Communicate with the Right Donors

What’s the best way to make sure your donor communications are not only read but also inspire action?

Send emails that each recipient actually wants to read. NonProfitEasy’s software allows you to efficiently create segmented donor lists and send each list a carefully tailored email that they’re more likely to find meaningful. 

Moreover, let your recipients know the email is from a familiar source by configuring each communication with a sender name and email. Once your emails are sent, you can track your communications with every contact and know precisely who engages with your outreach.

Instead of blanketing your supporters with emails, use NonProfitEasy to communicate with the right donors at the right time.

Donor Communication Tools to Maximize Fundraising

Fundraising is crucial to your nonprofit’s ability to achieve its mission. NonProfitEasy wants your fundraising campaigns to succeed as much as you do! 

To help you maximize your fundraising power, we make it easy to create and send personalized fundraising letters, acknowledgments, and customized thank-you notes. Our software lets you quickly segment your donors, making it easy to send more targeted appeals.  

Maximize your funding with NonProfitEasy’s donor communication tools.

Donor Communications FAQ

What Is Donor Communication?

Donor communication is more than the emails you send to your established donors. Rather, donor communication encompasses all interactions and any back—end planning that a nonprofit has with both existing and potential donors. Ultimately, donor communication enables nonprofits to form deep, long-lasting relationships with donors.

In this section, we define what donor communication means to nonprofits.

How Do Nonprofits Communicate with Donors?

Because of donor communication’s wide-reaching definition, we see nonprofits communicating with donors and potential donors in similarly wide-reaching ways.

Best donor communication practices suggest nonprofits send a range of messages, including donation requests, thank-yous, program updates, volunteer opportunities, and event invitations, over a variety of communication channels, including email, social media, direct mail, and in-person and virtual events. To effectively engage supporters, nonprofits should leverage a variety of communication tools that help them plan, organize, and track their outreach. 

Nonprofits communicate with donors in a variety of ways and over a number of channels.

Why Does My Nonprofit Need a CRM?

A constituent relationship management (also known as a CRM) is a type of software that enables nonprofits to better track, coordinate, and communicate with their donors all in one place. 

With NonProfitEasy’s CRM, you can record past engagement and primary donor data, run reports for donor insights, and tailor your donor communications strategy. Ultimately, when your supporters’ past involvement with your nonprofit is crucial for predicting their future involvement, a CRM will help you practice more efficient and successful fundraising. 

Without the right tools, donor communications can be challenging.

What Our Communications Tools Customers Are Saying

“NonProfitEasy has been a useful and reliable tool to help us keep a contact database of our community as well as providing the streamlined tools we need to accept and process our donations. The customizable options mean we can tailor the database to our needs.”

- Kerrie C.

“NonProfitEasy offers highly customizable features and the ability to buy small and add modules as we build capacity to be able to use them.”

- Annalivia P.

By adopting NonProfitEasy as your donor communications management software, you get everything you need for better outreach, fundraising, and engagement in a single platform. Our comprehensive software improves upon the basic communication tools for nonprofits, empowering you to save time and money.

Find out how the right communication tools can make the difference for your nonprofit! Request a demo today.
NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.