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Securing grant funds and pledge donations is crucial to many nonprofits being able to operate daily and grow their programs. 

However, if your grant and pledge management software doesn’t track your expected funds or help you gather them, it won’t benefit your mission or support your fundraising. 

NonProfitEasy makes tracking and securing promised funds easier with automated workflows that do the heavy-lifting for you.

NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.
Consider NonProfitEasy when deciding on the best pledge management software for your nonprofit.
Use NonProfitEasy’s pledge management software to easily track and secure donor grants and pledges.

Our Powerful Pledge + Grant Management Features

Robust Nonprofit Grant Management

With NonProfitEasy’s pledge and grant tracking software for nonprofits, quickly review a complete pipeline of your grants or apply filters, such as Grant Date or Grant Status, to focus on specific funding opportunities. Additionally, you can: 

  • Use workflows to record grant approvals or rejections and automatically push them to the appropriate next stage.
  • Create custom fields to track grant applications. For example: LOI due date, restricted funding, and total budget. 
  • Upload all relevant documents so that all of your application information is in one place.

Our tools help you streamline your nonprofit grant management processes and put you in the best possible position to win more grants and grow your reach.

Leverage NonProfitEasy’s grant tracking software for nonprofits to increase your fundraising bandwidth.

Nonprofit Pledge Management

Per its name, our pledge and grant tracking software for nonprofits can also track and manage your donor pledges! With our tools, you can easily accomplish the following:

  • Set up automatic acknowledgments to recognize your donors instantly after their donation is received.
  • Customize pledge schedules to work best for both your nonprofit and your donors.
  • Organize, track, and leverage the wealth of donor data you already collect through strategic segmentation practices. 

With pledge management software, you can better communicate about an upcoming event, coordinate a direct mail fundraising campaign, analyze information about donation trends, or track supporter engagement over time. With this data at your fingertips, you can build lasting connections with your donors.

As a best practice for nonprofit events management, add flexible ticketing options to your registration.

Grant and Pledge Payment Scheduling

Wondering where that last grant check disappeared to? NonProfitEasy makes it simple to manage your grant and pledge funds. With our grant tracking software for nonprofits, you can:

  • Generate a payment schedule frequency for your grants on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis, according to funders’ timelines.
  • Allocate monies to specific programs and input amounts for vendor or sub-contractor payments. 
  • Create tasks to schedule next steps and reminder notifications for grant-specific interactions.

Never worry about collecting grants and pledges again. NonProfitEasy’s grant management software has your back.

Use our pledge management software to automatically generate payment schedules for your grants and pledges.

Smart Tags & Custom Fields

Our innovative grant and pledge management software allows you to customize the type of information you collect from funders and donors with custom fields. 

Once you have their profiles in your system, you can use smart tags to categorize records based on their unique characteristics, such as gift size, communication preference, and engagement history.

When choosing the best grant tracking software for nonprofits, make sure you can create custom fields and tags to organize and manage your funds.

Grant & Pledge Management Software FAQ

How Do Nonprofits Manage Grants?

Managing multiple grants with different timelines and reporting requirements can be a complicated, time-consuming task.  

To effectively manage grants, nonprofits need more than a solid development team. Most nonprofit teams who leverage grant funding require accounting software alongside a central database to store and track funding and supporter information. Generally, these tools can help:

  • Identify protocols and clearly define roles.
  • Create documentation for monitoring grants.
  • Review all relevant grant requirements.
  • Make a schedule for your grants.
  • Understand how to record grant funds.
  • Report on your progress to funders.

Built-in grant and pledge management software, like NonProfitEasy’s, simplifies the entire grant funding process, from grant application to report. 

In this section, we describe how nonprofits use place management software to manage their grants.

What Is Pledge Management?

Pledge management is the process of soliciting and collecting donor pledges. Like grant management, manually tracking and following up on pledges can take a lot of work and time. 

Instead, grant and pledge management software can help pledge campaigns: 

  • Raise more funds
  • Recover failed pledges
  • Build supporter lists for future campaigns

You can use pledge fundraising software to track pledge amounts, record reward choices, and collect shipping and payment information from your supporters.

In this section, we define the importance of pledge and grant management for nonprofit organizations.

How Do I Collect Pledges Online?

With the right pledge management tools, collecting pledges online from donors is easy on your team—and easier for donors to complete. Unlike traditional donations, however, pledges need to be actively collected. Thus, when collecting pledges online, follow these best practices:

  • Automate data collection and reporting to your pledge management software.
  • Provide supporters with easy pledge completion options.
  • Immediately send thank you messages after a pledge is received.
  • Automate personalized reminder messages about outstanding pledges.
  • Analyze your results and make a plan to collect future pledges.

When collecting donor pledges online, choose a software that gives supporters a fast and easy way to complete their pledged donations—increasing your fundraising as a result.

With the right pledge management software, your nonprofit can increase its online fundraising.

What Our Pledge Management Software Customers Are Saying

“NonProfitEasy has been a useful and reliable tool to help us keep a contact database of our community as well as providing the streamlined tools we need to accept and process our donations. The customizable options mean we can tailor the database to our needs.”

- Kerrie C.

“NonProfitEasy offers highly customizable features and the ability to buy small and add modules as we build capacity to be able to use them.”

- Annalivia P.

By adopting NonProfitEasy as your grant and pledge management software, you get everything you need for better fundraising and supporter management in a single platform. Our comprehensive software takes basic donor management further, empowering you to save time and money.

Get started with NonProfitEasy’s grant and pledge management software for nonprofits. Request a demo today!
NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.