Powerful Reporting with NonProfitEasy

Data has the power to impact your cause in a big way. We want you to love your data, not fear it.  NonProfitEasy generates reports that you can read and understand which means you can use your data for the betterment of your nonprofit.

NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.
From event planning to registration, manage your next big event with nonprofit event software.
NonProfitEasy can help take away the stress of nonprofit event management.

Our Powerful Features

Predefined Reports for Faster Analysis & Segmentation

Robust reporting capabilities means important data is quite literally at your fingertips when you need it. Our software includes reports for donations, events, financials, appeals, contacts, and more. It’s easy to analyze, print or share reports with the click of a button.

Pull a contact report to generate mailing lists to just the right subset of your database. Because targeted communications result in more engaged donors.

Let Our Reports Make Sense of Your Data

We take the guesswork out of your data analysis. Our Dashboard provides a quick snapshot of your critical information all on one screen. Our reports can provide an executive level to provide a summary, or you can choose to deep dive into any one area. You choose what is your most critical data and see that information in real time with reports that are customized for you mission.  Once you understand your data, you can make it work for you.

What Our Nonprofit CRM Customers Are Saying

“NonProfitEasy has been a useful and reliable tool to help us keep a contact database of our community as well as providing the streamlined tools we need to accept and process our donations. The customizable options mean we can tailor the database to our needs.”
- Kerrie C.
“NonProfitEasy offers highly customizable features and the ability to buy small and add modules as we build capacity to be able to use them.”
- Annalivia P.

By adopting NonProfitEasy as your donor management software, you get everything you need for better fundraising and supporter management in a single platform. Our software takes basic donor management several steps further, empowering you to save time and money with our comprehensive system.

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NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.