Donor Management Software & CRM from NonProfitEasy

Managing your donors and raising funds for your mission can be difficult, but the right software can be a huge help. With nonprofit CRM and donor management software, you can transform a one-time donor or volunteer into a lifetime supporter for your organization.

At NonProfitEasy, we offer software designed by nonprofit volunteers—so we know exactly what you need and how to get it.

NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.
From event planning to registration, manage your next big event with nonprofit event software.
NonProfitEasy can help take away the stress of nonprofit event management.

Our Powerful Donor Management + Fundraising CRM Features

Smart Tags & Custom Fields

Our innovative donor management software allows you to customize the type of information you collect from supporters with custom fields—which your team can even adjust for each event! Once you have donor profiles in your system, you can categorize records based on unique characteristics with your smart tags such as gift size, communication preference, engagement history, and more.

Use our pledge management software to automatically generate payment schedules for your grants and pledges.

Unlimited Users & Workflows

We won’t place a limit on the number of users and workflows you can use in your system—which can be highly beneficial as your team continues to grow. This way, you can effectively manage every aspect of your organization within a single unified platform, allowing access to any number of users.

Our nonprofit membership software offers all-in-one fundraising and donor management.


Text-to-give is a powerful and low-cost form of mobile giving that allows donors to quickly and easily give from their mobile devices. When integrated with your nonprofit CRM, you can send targeted donation requests straight to your donors’ cell phones and direct them to give with an easy response.

Instead of blanketing your supporters with emails, use NonProfitEasy to communicate with the right donors at the right time.

No-Fee Event Tickets

Plan and host seamless fundraising events with our online event ticketing system. This way, attendees can register and provide basic information that your software can automatically transfer to your donor management system. And with our no-fee event tickets, your fundraising team can retain even more of your event revenue to put towards your cause.

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Email Blasts & E-Appeals

Craft and send an unlimited number of beautifully designed email blasts and e-appeals to keep supporters in the know and solicit that “wow factor” response. With integrated communication tools in your nonprofit CRM, you can manage your messages, send targeted appeals to supporters, and keep track of response rates with ease.

Connect barcodes to your nonprofit event software to streamline sales.

Pledge Tracking

Fundraising pledges can make a significant impact on nonprofit organizations, but they can be difficult to track and manage over time. Luckily, the pledge tracking functionality within our donor management software empowers you to keep track of future donations of gifts and stocks as well. This can set your team up for more accurate estimates surrounding incoming promised donations.

As a best practice for nonprofit events management, add flexible ticketing options to your registration.

Grant Management

Ensure your team is on the same page as you make your way through the grant proposal process with powerful grant management tools. Assign tasks and set deadlines within the system to keep everyone on track and simplify your workflows.  You’ll see in no time that increased efficiencies lead to an increase in the number of grants secured for your organization which means more dollars collected for  your mission.

Leverage NonProfitEasy’s grant tracking software for nonprofits to increase your fundraising bandwidth.

Donor Segmentation

Easily organize, track, and leverage the wealth of donor data you already collect in your nonprofit CRM through strategic segmentation practices. With these tools, you can better communicate about an upcoming event, coordinate a direct mail fundraising campaign, analyze information about donation trends, or track supporter engagement over time. Then, you’ll have the information you need to build lasting connections and send highly personalized messages.

Customize registration fees and track expenses with our nonprofit event planning software.

Reasons to Adopt Our Donor Management Software for Your Nonprofit

Maximize your funding with NonProfitEasy’s donor communication tools.

Save Money for Your Mission

Ask yourself what your nonprofit could do with an extra $1,000. With NonProfitEasy’s donor management software, you can save that much (or more!) for your mission. When you reduce overhead costs, like replacing pricey software systems with more affordable yet comprehensive solutions, you can put more funding toward your cause. Plus, you can lock yourself in at a set price with a multi-year contract.  Continue to scale up over time without being charged more.

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Keep Your Nonprofit's Database Clean

One critical aspect of effective donor management is keeping your nonprofit CRM clean and organized. With NonProfitEasy, you can receive alerts that the contact you’re creating already exists, identify possible duplicates, and merge repeat contacts in a single click. After all, duplicate data is messy data—and you certainly don’t want that!

With our nonprofit membership management software, change up your membership options according to your needs.

Collect Valuable Donor Insights

Fundraising is a nonstop activity for nonprofits, and your donors are vital to your mission. So why use separate fundraising and donor management software? With a comprehensive solution like NonProfitEasy, you’ll have the information you need to build lasting connections and gather, organize, track, and report key donor data to get to know your donors on a more personal level.

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Improve Supporter Retention

As a nonprofit professional, you’re aware that retaining donors is more cost-effective than constantly seeking out new, one-time supporters. Our nonprofit CRM software can help grow support for your mission by focusing on the supporters who make things happen. Then, easily acknowledge donor contributions through automation tools and donation receipts. When you communicate the impact of supporters’ gifts through transparent financial processes, they’ll be more likely to contribute again.

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Increase Fundraising Revenue

We’re confident in the ability of our CRM software to increase your organization’s overall fundraising revenue. So confident in fact, that if, after one year, your fundraising KPIs do not increase, our team will help you move to a new database of your choice at no cost. With more fundraising dollars in your pocket, you’ll make an even greater impact on your mission.

What Our Nonprofit CRM Customers Are Saying

“NonProfitEasy has been a useful and reliable tool to help us keep a contact database of our community as well as providing the streamlined tools we need to accept and process our donations. The customizable options mean we can tailor the database to our needs.”
- Kerrie C.
“NonProfitEasy offers highly customizable features and the ability to buy small and add modules as we build capacity to be able to use them.”
- Annalivia P.

By adopting NonProfitEasy as your donor management software, you get everything you need for better fundraising and supporter management in a single platform. Our software takes basic donor management several steps further, empowering you to save time and money with our comprehensive system.

Get started with NonProfitEasy’s donor management software for nonprofits. Request a demo today!
NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.