The Best Membership Management Software for Nonprofits

Running a nonprofit takes hard work. But not everything has to be a challenge. NonProfitEasy’s nonprofit membership management software allows you to grow your organization, engage your members, and operate more efficiently. We help you do it all—all from one place—saving you time, money, and resources.

NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.
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NonProfitEasy can help take away the stress of nonprofit event management.

NonProfitEasy’s Powerful Nonprofit Membership Management Features

All-in-One Fundraising & Donor Member Management

NonProfitEasy’s membership management tools incorporate the critical components of the best nonprofit membership management software on the market today—and it’s a standard module within the top-rated NonProfitEasy system at most subscription levels.

Our nonprofit membership software allows you to create membership levels and pricing categories to fit your exact needs. Moreover, you can configure online membership forms to make becoming a member as simple as a few clicks. 

To make the most informed decisions possible, use our membership management software to access up-to-date, real-time member information at any time on your dashboard.

Our nonprofit membership software offers all-in-one fundraising and donor management.

Manage Member Benefits and Fulfillment

Retain more members with automatic renewals and member-only prices—no special settings or coding required! To best manage member benefits, NonProfitEasy allows you to: 

  • Set all your pricing and currency, so your system can meet your specific members’ needs.
  • Use past information to aid your decisions today—you’ll have access to all historical data on your benefit fulfillment.
  • Determine the type of information you collect from supporters with custom fields—which your team can even adjust for specific events!

Once you have donor profiles in your system, you can categorize records based on unique characteristics with smart tags, including gift size, communication preference, and engagement history.

Use NonProfitEasy’s nonprofit membership software to manage both member benefits and fulfillment.

Offer Memberships Based on Your Nonprofit’s Needs

No two nonprofits are the same and neither are your membership needs. NonProfitEasy allows you to easily customize your nonprofit membership management software to fit your organization’s unique circumstances.  With our membership management system, you can create: 

  • Multiple membership levels and multiple prices for each level.  
  • Membership options for both organizations and individuals. 
  • A membership directory for members to get to know each other.
  • Customized membership forms to collect the most important member data.

When it comes to your members, you have two challenges: (1) acquiring members and (2) retaining them year over year.  Let us help you with the ability to create recurring memberships and auto-renewals. As your members’ needs change, you can empower them to easily upgrade/downgrade their membership levels. 

Want to thank a member or encourage a new one? Through our management software, you can also gift free memberships and renewals.

With our nonprofit membership management software, change up your membership options according to your needs.

Add Unlimited Users & Workflows

NonProfitEasy’s membership management software for nonprofits doesn’t limit the number of users, permissions, and workflows you can add to your system. As a result, our software can grow seamlessly with your team and organization. No matter your size, we can help you effectively manage every aspect of your organization within a single unified platform.

Don’t let your software limit your organization. Choose membership software with unlimited users and workflows.

Send Member-Specific Email Blasts

Craft and send an unlimited number of beautifully designed emails to recruit new members and keep your existing ones up-to-date. With integrated communication tools, your nonprofit membership software can help you manage your messages, send targeted appeals to specific supporter demographics, and keep track of response and click-through rates with ease.

Use your membership management software to send targeted emails to your nonprofit’s members.

Membership Management Software for Nonprofits FAQ

What Is Membership Management Software?

Membership management software, also known as an association management system, is a tool that allows nonprofit organizations to streamline their interactions with their supporters. For nonprofits, membership management software can act as a database to store member profiles, track donations, target outreach and communication, and, ultimately, grow and retain your membership.

In this section, we define membership management software.

How Do I Create a Membership Management Database?

A lengthy Excel spreadsheet with all your members’ names is not an effective membership management system. In such a “system,” member records are error-ridden, and administrative tasks are a burden, ultimately limiting your member engagement.

Instead, create your membership database using dedicated nonprofit membership software to best maintain clean, secure data and automate processes. As you build your database, consider the following steps:

  1. Create membership levels.
  2. Add database fields.
  3. Set member privacy options.
  4. Import your members.
  5. Remove duplicate and inaccurate entries.

With comprehensive, easy-to-use nonprofit membership management, your nonprofit is better positioned to send personalized emails, process fees, take donations, recruit volunteers, build a website, and manage events. 

In this section, we explain how to create a membership management database with your nonprofit membership software.

How Do Nonprofit Organizations Acquire New Members?

What nonprofit doesn’t want to increase its number of memberships? For many, this can be a challenging task—made only harder by incomplete and disorganized data. Luckily, with nonprofit membership software, you can gain a holistic understanding of your members. You can then use this information to tailor your new member acquisition approach to similar interests and preferences. For example, you might:

  • Host an open house or free webinar.
  • Offer a referral incentive to existing members.
  • Partner with a beloved local organization.
  • Streamline the registration process. 

As you implement a new approach, continue to survey and track member behavior and adjust your member acquisition strategies based on their responses.

Leverage your membership management software to increase your nonprofit’s memberships.

What Our Nonprofit Membership Management Software Customers Are Saying

“NonProfitEasy has been a useful and reliable tool to help us keep a contact database of our community as well as providing the streamlined tools we need to accept and process our donations. The customizable options mean we can tailor the database to our needs.”

- Kerrie C.

“NonProfitEasy offers highly customizable features and the ability to buy small and add modules as we build capacity to be able to use them.”

- Annalivia P.

By adopting NonProfitEasy as your nonprofit membership management software, you get everything you need for better fundraising and supporter management in a single, all-in-one platform. Our nonprofit membership software takes donor management further, empowering you to save time and money.

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NonProfitEasy offers pledge management and grant tracking software for nonprofits.