Nonprofit Donor Management
That Is Easy To Use

Turn One Time Donors Into Lifetime Supporters

Everything nonprofit teams need to engage donors, manage events, and increase fundraising. NonProfitEasy was designed by leaders in the nonprofit industry with the goal of creating an easy-to-use platform. Eliminate messy databases and excel worksheets with no hidden fees, so you have more money for your mission.

Committed to supporting you.

So you can change your community.

User-friendly, modern interface that gives donors confidence.
Seasoned customer support staff takes the pressure off internal resources.


Integrates With

The ability to integrate free events, paid classes, gifts, donor relations, and reporting has become essential to our day-to-day functions and long term goal setting. All the different arms of our organization interact with NonProfitEasy, and those targeted interactions make each user more effective in their sphere.

Sabrina P.

Acting Executive Director 

NonProfitEasy (NPE) has completely transformed our organization’s ability to manage donors, track donations, send communications, simplify bookkeeping and work together as a team. NPE’s smooth, integrated workflows have replaced our piece-meal processes and clunky work-arounds required by our old non-integrated systems. Uncountable hours have already been freed up and redirected towards donor cultivation, personalized fundraising strategies and furthering our mission. I only wish we had known about NPE years ago.

Shivani S.

CRM Consultant

I have found the customer service to be very personable and helpful. NonProfitEasy assisted me, someone with little experience managing databases, by first importing our data into the new system and then by explaining the tools used to create helpful, custom reports.

Richard C.

Development Coordinator