NonProfitEasy is Integrated with

Exago is the leading business intelligence tool used by Fortune 500 companies as well as thousands of businesses. NonProfitEasy’s custom reporting capabilities are built on Exago so that we can put the power of data reporting and analysis at your finger tips.

Key Benefits of Exago:

  • Over 200 out of the box reports so that you have access to slice and dice your data easily.
  • Express reports with drag and drop interface and an Interactive Mode that allows “on the fly” analysis, sort, filtering, and more.
  • Multiple user interfaces from simple to robust to accommodate a variety of user needs.
  • For the advanced users, multiple report formats including cross-tabs and dashboards for maximum reporting flexibility.
  • Reports with the capability to embed charts, graphs, live/clickable URLs, drill down links, and more.
  • Ability to add formulas and functions in reports and the ability to create custom functions.
  • Ability to export reports/data in .xls/.xlsx, RTF, PDF, and .csv formats.
  • Schedule reports so that you have them ready and in your inbox when you need them.

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