Challenging the status quo for the greater good and changing the way nonprofits serve their communities.


In 2010, several nonprofit organizations collaborated with local technology experts to come up with a more efficient yet affordable technology solution to help them manage their organizations. The options available were either single solutions (primarily fundraising and donor management), too expensive and required an army of consultants to implement, or a lower-cost and stripped down version of the "real thing."

It quickly became apparant that this tool should be offered to other organizations around the country to revolutionize the way small to mid-sized nonprofits serve their communities. In 2012, NonProfitEasy was born!


Ultimately, what it boiled down to for us was the ability to be a partner with Fundly in creating a best-in-class tool.

Josh Lotstein, Teach For America



Lomesh Shah

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Lomesh has over 25 years of experience in international corporate leadership with a strong emphasis on marketing technology and data management systems. Lomesh has worked with small to mid-size businesses, privately-held companies and Fortune 500 corporations in various capacities; from sales and marketing to overseeing automation and re-engineering of processes and operations.

A business futurist and strategist, Lomesh has been a strong advocate of using the power of technology to transform the way nonprofits manage their day-to-day operations. In 2010, Lomesh was approached by several local nonprofit leaders to design an affordable data management system that would allow organizations to manage operations more efficiently and to understand and communicate with donors and other constituents. When researching the market, it was clear that these important community-based organizations were being priced out of any comprehensive data management solution – hence NonProfitEasy was born.

As CEO of NonProfitEasy, Lomesh spends much of his time immersed in the nonprofit industry both as an industry leader, speaker, and in service to several organizations as a board member and volunteer. Outside of the industry, Lomesh is a technology junkie and will give anyone willing to listen an assessment of the latest trends in anything from espresso makers and mobile gadgets to electric cars and wind power. 

Lomesh, his wife, Anita, and their two sons live in Sonoma County, CA.



Missy Singh

Director of Support and Client Services

Since joining NonProfitEasy as an intern, Missy has quickly grown through the ranks to become the head of the company’s support and implementation services efforts.  Missy leads the support team and is responsible for overseeing all aspects pertaining to customer service, migrations, website integration and client implementation. In her spare time Missy helps her family run a nonprofit in their home town in India.  Missy also volunteers with numerous nonprofits and aspires to one day run a global nonprofit. Missy holds both a BBA and MBA from Sonoma State University.